Friday, November 29, 2013

Is God Disappointed In Me?

From time to time (for me quite often) we fail to measure up to what God would have us to be and do.  These are the times that I feel like God is disappointed in me.  But recently I was challenged by something I read that God is not disappointed in me, He is disappointed for me.
God is not disappointed in me, He is
disappointed for me.

When I thought about that statement it made a lot of sense to me as a father.  I have three grown children.  As I watched each of them grow I could see so much potential.  Whether the potential was athletic, academic, social, musical, technical, leadership, spiritual they each had wonderful abilities and potential. 
But like all people, at times they failed to measure up to their potential.  It may have been because of fear, stubbornness, laziness, even rebellion and sin but in each case my disappointment was more about what they missed out on, or I was disappointed at the unnecessary pain they caused themselves.  I was disappointed for them not in them.  I felt pain because they did not measure up to what they could be.

That’s the way that God sees us when we fail to measure up because of fear, stubbornness, laziness, even rebellion and sin.  He feels pain because we could be more.  But He is not disappointed in us.  He never withholds His love and His mercy and grace.  But He is disappointed for us, desiring us to be what he sees we can be if we will obey and trust and rely on Him.

Knowing that even though I have not measured up my Father is not disappointed in me makes it so much easier to relate to Him and come to Him in my brokenness.  I can come to someone who is disappointed for me and not in me.  That’s my Father and He is yours also.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pride Is Rising - Watch Out

I was challenged this week by something I read in the book, "Secrets of the Secret Place" by Bob Sorge.  He said, "Humility is the foundation of all prayer." and "Prayerlessness is the first sign of

I don't "feel" prideful. But my feelings are the
wrong criteria.

prideful independence."  Ouch!  I don't feel prideful, but Sorge is right.  My lack of prayer shows that pride is rising up in my life.  It doesn't matter that I don't "feel" prideful, my actions demonstrate that I can get by without God and that is pride.

Prayerlessness sneaks in so subtly. Busyness, obligations, ministry requirements and opportunities, interruptions, study time - weeks get full very quickly and prayer gets marginalized.  No big deal, right?  I'll pray more tomorrow and anyway God understands.  I don't deny that He does understand but do I understand what my prayerlessness is really saying?  It says I can get by without spending time with the Father.  It really is the first sign of prideful independence.

And so I lay aside some of those pressing things. I decide not to do that fun activity, Bejeweled Blitz. I lay them aside so I can spend some time with the Father reminding myself that I REALLY, REALLY do need Him.